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The story so far – Toast.

I am single, normally this is fine but since leaving London it’s rubbish. In London being single is exciting because the women of your dreams may be on the bus, or the tube or waiting for you in the next bar. She often isn’t, but just the possibility she might be is enough to put a spring in your step.

It’s not the same in small villages, there is no-one. Anyway, I do know some girls. There are two of them whom I like but sadly I think I’m in the friendzone with both of them (definitely with at least one). This isn’t a massive problem because delightful female company is always, well a delight, but you know, it’s a bit annoying. Also it’s tough because these two women are considerably more interesting than any of the girls I’ve been on actual proper dates with in the last few months. Top Tip – Never get set up on dates through co-workers, so far I’ve been out with a racist and a girl who cried at supper because she thought I didn’t fancy her.

Girl one, AKA ‘Spain’
She is called Spain because I’ve agreed to cycle to Spain with her just because it means I’ll get to spend more time with her. There will be other people there, about 14 or so, but still it’s a thing right? I met Spain through a friend and she blew me away. She does something clever with money for a living, makes me cackle with laughter and is walk into walls pretty. We are chums. I’m hoping that by spending more time with her she will suddenly realise that she should ask me out but that’s about the same level of hope of me getting a pet dinosaur.

Girl two, AKA ‘Tate’
I’m calling this girl Tate because we went on a date to the Tate and it was marvellous. Amazing, spectacular, wonderous. I’ve never been on such a good date. We laughed our way around the gallery, and then went to a bar for a drink or two. I got the train back to the wilderness full of joy and then got the ‘lets just be friends’ line. Mega lame. I still see her, as a friend, because it’s such a delight to be with her but also I worry that I should be off seeing people who want to date me instead. It’s complicated.

So that’s where I am right now.

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