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In which Biscuit and Toast go to London


Biscuit and I are going to London this weekend, and I can’t wait. The weekend will be devoted to some extreme dating. Well actually not that extreme. More concentrated dating. Various female focused meetings be scattered through-out the weekend. In between the rendezvous,  Biscuit and I will meet and compare notes, scores and M% (The percentage chance of you proposing to the girl when drunk).

This is the plan, what I suspect will happen is that the first date, or perhaps the second will be incredibly boozy and at that point the weekend will decend into a messy heap of booze and weird clubs in East London. This result isn’t a bad thing but it’s not part of the plan. We must stick to the plan. The plan is important.

Oh and, I didn’t realised that Biscuit really liked that girl and now I feel bad. Maybe it’s not too late to do a swapsie?

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