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London part 3 – Show me on the doll where he put the booze


I awoke broken, ruined. Not dishevelled or foxed but ‘return under warranty’ or ‘not fit for purpose’. In hindsight I should have said

”No Biscuit, I have already consumed far too much drink and I don’t want to put any more cocktails in my face’

Instead I said ‘Yes’ and then ‘Shall I get another round in?’

So it was basically my fault that I was broken and for that I apologise to my own liver. Biscuit fed me some drugs , a mixture of different ones and then we ambled off to a chums house for coffee. We decided to walk there because it might clear our heads. It sort of worked. I definitely felt less sick after it, although Biscuit kept talking about polishing turds and glitter.

We arrived my chum’s house and she fed us bacon sandwiches and coffee. It was excellent but I still felt a bit weird. So weird that I sort of cancelled my dates for the day.

I say sort of because they had been arranged but the final text of ‘okay what time shall we meet’ had never been replied too. I suspect the Internet Rats must have eaten the messages. I didn’t persue it too much as I was still in shock after kissing Tate.

Biscuit was feeling less broken so he went on some dates I went for a walk with a dog and then got the train home. The only other thing of note was that Spain called, we talked about chaps and this caused her to ask a friend about the man she had been seeing and it turned out he is married with kids. She was very cut up about this but it’s good that she knows now. Of course what she decided to do with this information was pretty shocking, but that’s for a later post.

It really was most surprising London trip.

  1. Biscuit
    February 5, 2010 at 7:38 am

    For the record: that cocktail of drugs was purely a legitimate pharmaceutical affair… but it might as well be made of magical unicorn tears for the curative effect it has on me.

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