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Je joue au babyfoot


Today I am off to London for another date. I was supposed to have a date last night. A girl that I was getting on rather well with, but early in the week Internet rats clearly started eating our messages. The infestation must be particularly bad at the moment as they seem to now be nibbling on text messages too. *sigh*

Today’s date contacted me first. Emails have been polite but not particularly engaging. Given how little of face-to-face communication is conveyed by the actual words that we speak I find it fascinating that you can pick up on a definite feel of tone and sense of engagement with only a paragraph or so.

Nevertheless, she has suggested the most amazing venue our date. We are going to a table football café (or babyfoot café as the French might say… possibly not in that order though. My French is appalling). Babyfoot with girls could be an amazing or a terrible plan as I can get rather competitive about these things and forget that it is a date and the objective is not to thrash the other person.

I then have to rush back and meet Dragonforce for a housewarming party this evening.

Tomorrow was going to be a day of rest but I now have another date. This one is with an Actual Real Girl. One that I have met and asked out to her real face. Admittedly that was 7 months ago but hey, good things come to those who wait.

This girl had a moustache when I met her, but more about that later.

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