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London part 4 and the kingdom of the cream scone


Probably the best thing about Sunday morning (apart from giggling at Toast feeling ropey) was his chum’s quite astounding bacon sandwiches made with soda bread.

Date 2

I had the first of the day’s dates at 1pm so had to chip off and head back towards the hostel. Date No. 2 suggested a pub that turned out to be a real winner. Good food, nice ales, leather sofas and board games are a GOOD Sunday pub combo.

Date 2 was also late. However this time it was not my fault as I had deliberately abstained from venue selection. I had a very good feeling about this one as preliminary conversations had felt as though a winky face was constantly implied (that is a face like this: ;) … not a face that resembled a penis).

She was tiny, just over 5’. I have a thing for tiny girls and I don’t know why. It might be because of a positive experience with a tiny girl last year who was a total dynamo and I was rather enamoured with. It might also be due to getting a little freaked out when kissing a tall girl a couple of years ago. I was quite disturbed by not having to look down at all. Freud would probably have something to say about this, although it would probably involve chimneys or trains going into tunnels.

Date No. 2 was really quite cute. Jet black hair and a leopard print top. I like leopard print as it usually worn with a slight sense or irony and usually identifies girls that I get on with. In contrast to the previous night’s date we seemed to hit it off right away. Flirty eye contact and light hearted piss-taking made for good banter.

After a few drinks we decided to order food. The most burning question of the date was which of the Indiana Jones films was our favourite and to rank them in order of awesome, which earns her the moniker “Indy”.

Eventually, after about 3 hours, it was time for me to leave. At this point I ran into a mini dilemma. I’m not sure what the etiquette is around mentioning other people you’re dating. If any of the dates had asked about other people I would happily tell them (and have done, on a past date).

However, it seems bad form to mention that you need to leave to meet your next date. In truth a did feel a bit bad about this as it resulted in me telling a fib by saying that I needed to get the train back home. This was sort of true, but not true enough that I would be able to reasonably protest it with any good conscience. Indy walked me to the tube, which was lovely. Before I departed we did a bit of a kiss, which was also rather lovely.

We parted with earnest promises to meet up again. I certainly meant it. Indy ticked a lot of the boxes on the imaginary list of “things that are good about girls”.

Marriage percentage – 30%. Very promising indeed.

Date 3

Because I had languished in the pub with Indy, I was now late for my next date. After I had negotiated the tube journey I was half hour late in all. Definitely bad form. Thankfully date 3 of the weekend was rather gracious about it.

We met in a coffee shop/café and she definately looked prettier than her photos belied and shewas blonder than the decidedly strawberry-blonde colour that in her photos . We did coffee and snacks and chatted for about an hour and a half. Actually, I had coffee as she had already sat there for 30 minutes drinking hers waiting for me. I would have been much more annoyed with me than she was so definite points for tolerance!

I had a Belgian waffle, she had a scone. We both had enough cream to clog all the arteries in a medium sized Labrador. ‘Scone’ worked with some rather interesting people (a fearsome Russian lady for one) and had some good stories about nightmare house shares. I find gossip about other people being shits makes for generally compelling chat.

I told a similar fib to Scone about my weekend activities. I omitted the date parts and only mentioned the hijinks with Toast. This behaviour does trouble me a little but I really don’t see an appropriate time to bring this up on a date.

In the end I really DID have to catch a train so shot off to the station. I agreed to meet up again but I knew that my coming weekends were pretty hectic so didn’t promise any particular time. I was rather ambivalent about meeting. I did like her but am not sure there is enough of a spark for it to go anywhere.

Marriage percentage – 15%.  She was nice but I think I just need a bit more ‘naughty’ from a girl to be more interested.

As karma for telling a couple of porkies, I ended up spazzily jumping on the wrong train home. Thankfully I could call on Dragonforce rescue. ‘Dragonforce’ is my housemate and she is awesome. Luckily I had caught her before the second glass of G&T so she came and picked me up from a station that I was totally not supposed to be at. Scrambled eggs for breakfast was promised in return.

This intensive dating is tiring business and I feel like I deserve a certificate or something. One with balloons on it or at least a picture of a cup. By that point I was just happy to settle for a night’s sleep in a room where I don’t have to worry that someone will steal my pants.

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