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Dating in London (again) – You’ve gotta date a girl or two my dear, you’ve gotta date a girl or two..


This weekend involved another trip to London. I had to go there for work so I thought I’d try to squeeze in a couple of cheeky dates afterwards. Having more than one date in a day is challenging for a few reasons.

1) You have to be quite specific about timing.
2) You can’t drink at the first date, well you can’t get drunk on the first date. This isn’t a bad thing of course but just means it’s wiser for the first date to be a coffee and not a gallon of vodka
3) It’s important to remember which story you have told which date. I’m not very good at this bit.
4) No matter how well a date is going, it can’t overrun.
5) While your friends may be impressed by your multi-dating, your dates won’t be.

With this in mind I finished the work thing at about 3ish so made my way back into central London for date one.

Date 1
We met at a coffee place in Angel. She was medium build, medium length mousey brown hair and medium brown eyes. Medium all-round I suppose. She was fun, it was a giggly date. We talked about hobbies. I’d forgotten about hobbies.

I need some hobbies, you know impressive ones like punching ninjas or cuddling orphaned dolphins. I think I managed to bluff my way through it – luckily she wasn’t an expert in Japanese assassins or marine mammals. It was a short date, she had to meet some chums at six. Sort of very efficient. She was excellent fun but I didn’t really fancy her.

Marriage percentage – 10%

Date 2
I was stupidly early for this date. So I got to spend twenty minutes shivering outside the tube station. Lots of people were meeting each other for first dates so there was a big crowd of people standing around slightly awkwardly casting furtive glances at each other and trying to work out if that was the one from the picture or not.

Eventually a very pretty girl with huge eyelashes walked past and I thought ‘gosh I wish I was meeting her’ and she turned out to be date number 2. Her photos didn’t even get close to doing her justice.  She had long black hair, dark brown eyes and a lovely cheeky smile.

We went to an excellent hotel bar nearby, had a couple of ridiculous cocktails and talked about stuff. Rather surprisingly she grew up only about 30 miles away from me. She was passionate about environmental issues and  is a keen rower. It was another laughing date, and so time zoomed by. Before I knew my alarm went off for my train home but I decided to miss it. That’s how much fun I was having.

After the cocktails we went to a restaurant and had a meal, it was a tiny little Thai place. The food was excellent and pleasingly spicy. It was eaten with more conversation about all sorts of subjects. She asked me when I was next in London and I gave an honest but vague answer, it wouldn’t be until I was home that I realised this might have been her asking for a second date. What a berk.

 Anyway, she asked if I wanted to for another drink but I said I should at least make an attempt to get home. Luckily I decided that because I managed to get the last train that evening that went even remotely close to the wilderness.

Marriage percentage – 40%

The plan was to get a cab at the train station but I couldn’t get any money out. Oh dear indeed. Instead I managed to barter with the cab chap, I bought a load of booze for him in a corner shop equal to the value of the fair and he would take me home. This worked and I arrived home absolutely knackered and very happy to see my bed.

Weirdly the adventure doesn’t end there, because Spain sent me a text asking about how my dates went and asked me if I would like go on a date with her some time. Blimey.

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