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El Updateo


Biscuit asked me what was going on with Ms Spain. How she had a chap and then suddenly asks me for date. Well. She found out that the chap is married with kids. Confronted him, forgave him and then eventually saw sense (well had a mutual chum shout at her) and so Ms Spain told him to go away. It was an intense 48 hours.

The story doesn’t end there, because she asked me out last night via text message, and then this morning pretended that hadn’t happened. It was very weird. Here is a graph showing the relationship so you can understand the science behind it and why my infatuation with Ms Spain is over. (click to see it bigger)

So Meh I thought, and called up Date 2. Henceforth known as Ms Fez and asked her out for a second date. She said yes, in an uncomplicated way and now I have to find something exciting for us to do.

The only other interesting thing about these two conversations is that both these women were on the same street, only moments apart. I don’t have tracking devices on their phones or anything like that. They were walking through the same crowds to get to the same destination. It was weird, and cool, a bit like my graph.

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