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The Toblerone of victory


I could be wrong, but I think I’ve just successfully played it cool. I waited until The Fez called me first.  

This involved almost a week of waiting and not sending text messages or emails or telegrams or messenger pigeons or signal flares but I managed it. 

Tonight she called me. I’m so pleased with myself I think I’ll celebrate with some Toblerone*.

We spoke on the phone, I made her laugh, she called me a maverick and a date for next week was arranged. Hurrah. I managed the whole conversation without any spaz-like comments or proposing so let’s chalk that one down as a win.

Girls are excellent sometimes, especially ones that laugh at jokes about broccoli.

*I’m getting in shape to improve my dating chances.  I’ve started eating painfully healthy food most of the time, so now chocolate is a special treat.

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