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Toast’s pre-date planning


I like going on dates, even disasters make entertaining stories. The good ones remain as a fond memory even if the relationship that followed fell to pieces.

I plan dates, not every second of them but I do think about them a lot, perhaps a little bit too much. Anywhere, here are the things I consider before I meet a girl.

This planning doesn’t always require weeks of preparation. Often it’s  just running through my head in the cab on the way to meet them.

First dates and blind dates (For example off the Internet) will be in a coffee place or perhaps a cocktail bar. Both of these are fairly non-committal so if it’s awful you can bail out fairly early on.

Anywhere that is part of a chain is ruled out, I try to take people to somewhere they have never been before. London is good for this because it’s got so many secret places and hidden corners. The venue shouldn’t be too noisy because you want to be able to hear what they are saying.

For second dates I to find some interesting activity or if that doesn’t work a really good restaurant. By really good I mean an interesting experience.

For either type of date I think carefully about what this venue says about me.

I want to look good. Part of the look will depend on the location that we are going to. Cocktail bars mean no jumpers but if we are going on a Ghost Walk (A great second date) then I’ll need to dress warm. Good shoes seem to be important to women. I don’t really wear t-shirts unless I’m in the gym so that leaves them out.

Underwear is a bit of a tricky one. Of course they should be good underpants but they shouldn’t be so flashy that they give the impression that I was assuming they would be seen (I’ve got in trouble for that before). I don’t think there is any excuse for bad underwear though. I should point out I’m not expecting anyone to see my pants on a first date.

Possible second location
If it is going really well then we are going to want to go to somewhere else. Another bar, a restaurant or if it’s going really well perhaps a private view at a gallery. I used to review restaurants in London for a living so thanks to that I know quite a few good places dotted around the capital. Sadly I don’t have the pull I used to have, so getting a last-minute table somewhere difficult is more tricky than it used to be.

If it’s a first date I’ll probably have some restaurants or bars in mind that we could go to, but this will change after I’ve met the girl and got an idea of the sort of things she like.

Get out / stay late excuse
If the date goes badly, what is my excuse to leave early? Or if it’s going really well, so well that I’m going to miss the last train home where will I stay?

And that’s even before I work out if I like them or  not.

Why this much planning? Because of the Wed or Dead Wager

  1. February 19, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Full on plan. Interesting. Quite looking forward to how date with Fez goes.

  1. December 18, 2010 at 10:08 am

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