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When the feelings gone and you can’t go on. Tragedy! Nothing bad has happened, I’ve not lost a limb or anything. Actually quite the opposite, well not exactly. I’ve not grown a limb either.

I’ve been invited on a date, a date to see a Greek tragedy with the Fez on Saturday. I can’t wait.

This is the second Greek tragedy I will have ever seen. Now that I think about it the other one was on a date too, and it was excellent. Harrowing but interesting at the same time.

I’m talking about the play, not the date. 

So I’m looking forward to this. We are going to meet up on Saturday night which means I need to organise somewhere to stay, or at least somewhere that I might stay at. That’s a tricky one to ask for from chums.

‘Can I have the possibilty of a sofa to sleep on but I won’t know if I need it until about 2am.’

I’m sure they will be fine with it. They are chums after all. I’m also enjoying the fact that the Fez suggested the date. Usually I (men) have to work out what we (women) will do on the date. Having one organised for me feels almost like a holiday.

And even if it goes badly it will make a great story. I mean, going on a 2nd date to see a play featuring fighting and a rape? What could possibly go wrong?

  1. February 24, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Are those the most fabulously TRAGIC last words ever??? I must say, I nearly look as forward to you boys telling all about your dates as I do to having mine. Well, no,:P that’s completely not true, but I do look forward to them.

  2. February 26, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Clearly it’s now our mission to make you look forward to the reports more than your own dates. *scribbles plan in notebook*

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