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Living with mad women #1


I’ve lived with a few women, but only one girlfriend. Every one has been an educational experience so I thought I’d share some of those special moments with you.

I was living with a girl in London in a beautiful flat. I just rented a room and she ruled the place with a passive aggressive iron fist. We weren’t going out or anything like that but she did keep showering with the bathroom door open. I never knew what that was about.

Here is an actual conversation we had – I wrote it down afterwards because it amused me so much.

Her: ‘You left the front door unlocked’

Me: ‘Did I? Sorry. I thought it automatically locked when you closed it?’

Her: ‘Well yes it does, but you didn’t do the extra lock.’

Me: ‘Sorry, but well that is actually locked though isn’t it?’

Her ‘Don’t wear shoes inside.’

It’s also worth remembering that you can only lock and unlock the extra lock from the outside. I was locked in a few times and had to wave at neighbours and get them to release me from the flat.

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