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Stop the presses!


There’s news from the front! Due to a reshuffling of my social calendar, it looks like the first of the new dates is now going to be tomorrow! I will be heading to London to meet her after work.

Having considered the lessons from previous dates, here is my list of ‘things to improve on:

  1. Turn up on time. Seriously. If anything turn up early and then mooch around for a bit so you can breeze in at just the opportune moment. Looking flustered and red-faced as you rush in to meet a date is a BAD look.
  2. KNOW YOUR ROUTES! Don’t wing trying to find the place when I get there.  Google street view is your friend!
  3. Make sure I am actually going to the RIGHT venue.  After the Babyfoot Café fiasco I have learned to check and double check that the ‘left-handed Hungarian restaurant staffed entirely by dancing dwarves’ is the correct ‘left-handed Hungarian restaurant staffed entirely by dancing dwarves’ and not the ‘other’ branch which is 20 minutes walk away.
  4. Do not drink margaritas. Not even 1.
  5. More specifically, do not drink much at ALL!
  6. Avoid strange-looking men with cute dogs.

If I can manage all this then it’s pretty much a guaranteed success, right?

  1. April 1, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Well? What happened?

  2. April 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

    with only 5 hours sleep last night before I had to get up again for work, it’s going to be friday before I can report back (as I’m back in London tonight with Dragonforce for some serious ROCK!).
    However I can say that your lead might be shortening, my dear Toast.

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