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Don’t stare at my blue suede shoes


So, Wednesday’s date. In case anyone was wondering, the delay in writing up is not because I had to walk back from London after getting horribly drunk and behaving badly. No, this time I paid heed to my previous errors and closely followed all of my improvement points.

1. Turn up on time:  Check (with 7 minutes to spare too). My date was late as she completely underestimated how long it would take her to walk in heels.

As it happens, we were not the only ones with the idea to rendezvous at this particular tube station. Waiting in the same location was a chap who was also glancing round, as if looking for someone of whom he has only seen pictures. To add to the comic potential he bore a passing resemblance to me too.

2. KNOW YOUR ROUTES! & 3. Make sure I am actually going to the right venue:  Check. Actually, this was a pretty easy one since we were meeting outside a tube station which was three stops away from my London landing station. To save confusion, the great planners of the tube network decided to give every station a different name, which makes life rather easier when meeting dates.

4. Do not drink margaritas: Check. Ths was the easiest as I NEVER WANT TO DRINK ANOTHER MARGARITA AS LONG AS I LIVE!

5. More specifically, do not drink much at ALL!

Check….ish. We certainly weren’t downing yards of ale or anything so it was pretty much within the scope of reasonable date drinkies.

So, after not too long of casting glances down two streets and into the tube station she turned up. In truth I am glad she was a little late as my time keeping is generally poor so it gives me one in the wood and when I am inevitably roll in fashionably late at some point in the future.

I had no trouble spotting her as she approached because she is very tall. Since I resolved to break away from my usual ‘type’ (although that’s a VERY loose description) I went straight for a 5′ 11″ lady. 6′ 1″ in heels as it turned out! This did not unsettle me as I expected. My previously heightist attitude was due to a combination of being rather drawn to short girls (one in particular who I was totally struck with was only 4’11”) and an experience kissing a girl my height when I suddenly got rather freaked out by her face being at the same level as mine.

She was rather striking with a long brunette mane and a gorgeous smile. We happily chatted away as we took a stroll over the river.  She was lovely, one of those girls whose photos really do not do her justice. Very well spoken (home counties RP accent). In fact it sometimes made me feel like I was on a date with a Radio 4 presenter… but in a sexy way.

We arrived at a rather trendy bar that was part of a theatre, or cinema, or something that I never quite worked out. It was at this point that the limitations of my wardrobe began to become apparent. I REALLY need to go shopping for some better date clothes. Blue suede Adidas just really did not cut it here.

With a drink in hand we settled and started to open up. Probably the biggest relief was the rather gleeful discussion of the large elephant in the room. Some girls skirt around the whole subject of internet dating which makes it difficult to dance around the obvious implications of other dates you may or may not be having.

It turned out that I was her first and she was rather worried beforehand as two friends had just had TERRIBLE first internet dates.

After a couple of drinks we moved on to another venue for food (which would be the obvious point to run away if it was not going well). Pie, drink, delicious dessert and much enjoyable chats later we took a walk back to the tube and parted ways with promises to see each other again.

All in all, a very promising and enjoyable date. The kind that make it worth getting the last train back from London and being stuck on the replacement bus service which got me back at 2am. Ugh!

Marriage percentage – 45%: Watch your heels Toast!

(oh and – 6. Avoid strange-looking men with cute dogs: Check. Thankfully.)

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