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Keep it in the family.


After something of a lull, I have returned to the glory days of date filled weekends.* Quite coincidentally last weekend I had two dates on two consecutive days.


I went for the date with the local girl who I had found out (via facestalk) was actually the sister of a semi-chum.

If you follow that link then no, it’s not the sister of the actual chum who I referred to on the same Sunday’s antics (with whom I had a rather humbling experience akin to one of those “well that’s never happened to ME before” moments) but the girl who I met for the first time during Sunday’s antics and who I thought was rather cute so arranged to go for a drink with (blimey, that’s a hell of a sentence).

Being the end of a lovely sunny day we got drinks and sat on the sea wall looking out over the beach and slowly setting sun. Unfortunately, being the ‘home town’, between us we knew about every third person to pass so chats were constantly interrupted.

I casually weaved the conversation round to the subject of siblings so I didn’t have to pretend that I didn’t know about the family connection. It turns out that she hates a rather good friend of mine (an ex of her brother). Hmmm, never a good start.

After moving inside the pub as it got chilly, several of her friends turned up and sat at the next table. Then HER ex turned up. We relocated to another pub to escape the viscous atmosphere. At the second pub I bumped into the brother of the other sister (mentioned earlier) whopresumably still wants a little word with me.

I mean.. seriously…HEY-ZEUS… could this place BE any more incestuous??? It may be evident why I need to move away now.

Anyway, I made a promise to call and we parted ways when I had to dash for the train home. There was an almost kiss as I went for the cheek. It was sort of a cornery-mouth affair when a lip kiss didn’t quite engage. The date was fun but crumbs… I’m not sure I can deal with all this complication.

Marriage percentage: 15%


This was the second date with Maple. I was heading into London early to join a demo about politikz. After a few hours of dissent and government-overthrowing I toodled off to meet Maple at a galley. We planned to do some ‘looking at things people had made’ before going for food and pub. To be honest I was not overly impressed with lots of the things people had made, but the wandering around together would have been amusing. However…

I am quite loud. It has turned out in recent times that I am actually quite loud because I am a bit deaf. Not too deaf, but deaf enough to make it difficult to hear people in places where you have to be quiet and there is a simmering of background noise. Apparently this is the literal description of the atmosphere of a gallery.

Because of this the gallery was utterly exhausting. The constant concentration needed to follow hushed tones of conversation is really quite draining. I’ll save this topic for another time but all-in-all it made the gallery not very fun and I was glad to leave for the cacophony of a London street.

Heading for safe territory we struck off for a pub. On the way I bought some Indian sweets from Brick Lane, which made for plenty of giggles as Indian sweets are weird.

Pub was followed by a trip to a Vietnamese restaurant for food. I enjoy spending time with Maple but was stuggling after politikz,  gallery and a generally long day. Although I was having fun the fatigue started to show and all I really wanted to do was go home to a cozy bed. In fact I was so dozy by that point that I ended up missing my stop on the bus and taking a VERY circuitous route home.

I think that Maple and I are probably better suited as chums than romantic co-conspirators, which is a shame as last date was very promising.

Marriage Percentage: 25%

Note: ‘glory days’ may not contain actual glory.

  1. May 19, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Busy, but I can’t help but be a little sad. I do so enjoy it when there are shenanigans and *ahem* sleeping in odd spots. Much political ado round your way. All quite exhausting, I would assume. I will expect you to be less exhausted and more “wifey” focused. ;)

    By the by, is that “Dolly” the cloned sheep in that glass box? *giggle* Otherwise, I’m not terribly impressed.

    • May 20, 2010 at 7:07 am

      I assumed it’s a ‘Hirst’. He’s always pickling animals for a giggle.

      I think politics and dates do not mix well on the same day. I think I should probably also sleep more during the week! However the next three months is going to be something of a challenge as there are no free ones left!!! Hmm… this is going to be tricky, apparently all this spouse searching is rather time consuming.

      Can’t I just don a leopard skin, club a girl over the head and drag her home like the good ol’ days?

  2. May 19, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Yay!!! I’m back!!

    • May 20, 2010 at 7:07 am

      You’re back but you’re linking to your old blog. Hmm… sponge or link, sponge or link.

  3. May 21, 2010 at 5:46 am

    That’s not even my old blog, that’s the temp holder that was setup on regular wordpress.com in the process of moving to the self hosted site. Gah! Faceless or impossible to find? What’s a girl to do???

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