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Cat’s Milk


What to say eh? If you’ve got any sense you will have read Scalene‘s account of the weekend. It covers most of it.

Although doesn’t quite get across the large amounts of booze consumed or the excellent bit in the morning where we forced Scalene to play Lady Gaga songs on the piano. That was aces.

We need to talk about DF, or as I now call her Cat’s Milk. Her actions weren’t a drunken mistake.

Eating a raw sauasage is a drunken mistake (I’ve done that) or trying to drink a glow stick is a drunken mistake (done that too). No her actions on Saturday night were a sustained campaign to stop any girls from being too interested in Biscuit.

Cat’s Milk either told bad stories about Biscuit or implied that they were in a relationship. She did it a lot.

I noticed it, The Fez noticed it and the Fez’s friends noticed it and it’s just not on. But let’s draw a line under the matter now.

The evening was fun. The Fez’s chums were all really late so by the time they appeared I was pretty drunk. I think I talked to them a bit. I can remember asking a biochemist how long away we were from developing unicorns. I took a lot of blurry photos of the inside of a pub and tried to organise a game of ‘who can stay in the freezing paddling pool for the longest’.

It was a success, in ways we didn’t expect.

  1. May 26, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Very interesting. Biscuit paints Cat’s Milk (love the new nickname for Dragonforce) as the accidental interfering oversharer. You are implying she was sabotaging. I love sabotage. A)It’s a fabulous word B)It adds a new twist to the story C)It would create a big issue for Biscuit

    I’m suddenly very excited by other people’s lives. That is just odd.

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