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Date report: Live from London

Toast (posting for for Biscuit)

Biscuit is on a date right now with the stripy dress girl in London.

He is sending text messages back with updates. I’ll post them when they come in.

7pm: Standing outside Topshop, the premier rendezvous location waiting for Stripey Dress now. Eek! =D

Edt by Biscuit: Probably due to nerves and so not concentrating, I accidentally sent this message straight to Stripy Dress and then had to explain myself at the start of the date, totally blowing my cool. Spaz.

8pm: She is *lovely*! And a little bit of a nerd too which is awesome M%30

9pm: A bottle and a half of rose down and I don’t want to go on any of my other dates. Is it bad form to propose now? I probably should have some dinner. M%40

10pm: She is STILL lovely. We have relocated to her place to drink more wine. Also I have largely lost my cool looking into those beautiful brown eyes.

11pm: Oh. My. God. Oh my god* Best date in… well ever. Funny beautiful, gorgeous eyes and a passionate kisser. I now don’t want to go any of my other dates. :) *strictly in a metaphorical atheist sense.

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