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Date Report: Stripy Dress


So as you’ve probably gathered, last night I went on a date with Stripy Dress.

I must say, I’m surprised. Surprised at a number of things last night. I’m surprised by how well we got on. Surprised by how close she is to what I want in a girlfriend/partner/spouse. Surprised by how much I just sunk into her gorgeous soft brown eyes. And surprised by quite how far I have let myself fall for her so fast.

It would be fair to say I’m smitten. It would also be fair to say that I’m now full of the frets!

At this point it’s probably useful to give you a little history. When I fall for girls I have had a tendency to fall very hard and very fast. This happened particularly with Cupcake and Aussie, my last two girlfriends. Both of them I was very serious about. One I moved to Australia to be with (good move) another I moved with (in the very latter stages) into her parents’ place (bad move. It’s a long story but basically, don’t do it kids!).

So it is with some trepidation that I approach this situation. I’ve discussed how there have been girls that I really should have fallen for but haven’t. If it doesn’t feel right then no amount of ‘box ticking’ will ever compensate for that. The fact that I have fallen for Stripy Dress like this means that there is something special that I am REALLY keen NOT to fuck up!

Unfortunately, like some quantum event, observing the process changes the outcome. I am now REALLY aware of how I play things and that is probably changing my behaviour negatively. Prior to this we were happily swapping Facebook message back and forth several times per day. It was all the ‘getting to know you’ stuff and it was fun! However if the last year has taught me nothing else it’s that being too keen is not attractive to girls.

So, the date. After being a spaz and sending Stripy Dress the update that I MEANT to sent to Toast, things kicked off brilliantly. We hit it off pretty quickly and wandered around chatting chatting with ease until we reached the target watering hole. One bottle of Rosé was quaffed and promptly replaced with another. We swapped tales, quizzed each other, giggled, took the mickey and I tried my best to play it cool. Playing it cool was becoming increasingly difficult as if I looked into her eyes for too long I started to lose my train of thought as my stomach fizzed and tingled.

After a couple of bottles we struck out on a mission to reach the river. Stripy Dress suggested this and it seemed an excellent idea as walking along riversides (even rivers that are as unappealing to come into contact with as the Thames) is exactly the sort of thing you should be doing with a slightly squiffy girl that you really want to kiss.

The reality of reaching the river was much more difficult than it first appeared, involving 2 busses, and so she proposed we strike off for her place. this seemed like an even better idea so, picking up another bottle en route, we jumped on the tube.

Around this point was pretty much when the remainder of my cool evaporated. Sat next to each other, faces close and pleasantly toasty from a bottle of wine each, I lost the ability to finish sentences. I had to fess up about the effect that her eyes were having on me.

At her place we sat in the garden, picking up conversation where we had left off earlier. Getting closer and more tactile with each sip, I found her head almost nestled into my shoulder. The kissing was just luscious, passionate and delicious. It was without thought and totally absorbing. …except for the bit where I nearly pitched over as I lost my balance.

Eventually I was pointed back in the direction of the train station and, saying goodbyes and promising to call, I made my way, gleefully bouncing along, back home. After Cupcake I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall like that again. But I just have. This time, however, I am determined to play it cool.

As it happens,she is going to the same festival that Dragonforce and I are going to in a week. Currently Stripy Dress is having trouble getting a lift up there with her friend so I have tentatively offered them space in the back of the car if they’re stuck. Obviously this would be a full on second date as it might well mean them camping with us too… but that’s to deal with later. For now I just have to concentrate on NOT cocking it up!

Marriage percentage: 55%.  Shockingly, but excitingly, high!!!

  1. July 23, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    How exciting. I must confess, your infatuation is adorable.

    You’re smart about playing it cool… women are annoying creatures and demand a delicate balance of attention and suspense. That said, Stripey Dress will let you know which type she is.

    Personally, once I reached a certain age, i was done with “waiting the appropriate time to call, set dates, etc.” If you want to spend more time with her, be up-front. :)

    • July 23, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      I have been pondering whether ‘infatuation’ was the next stage after ‘smitten’. I’m not quite there yet but I’m not far off either!
      *deep breaths*
      Today has been quiet on the contact front. 1 text received. I have utilised all my viable methods of reply (FB, Text) once so now have to sit it out. I would lke to call but I am at my Dad’s retirement do tonight, and an all day gig tomorrow. Sunday is the earliest I can call, which is probably good as it’ll keep my away until then!

      She knows I’m interested (and an offer of a lift to the festival stands) so the ball is in her court.

      Crumbs. In the words of H. Simpson: “Now to play the waiting game……. awh.. the ‘waiting game’ SUCKS”.

  2. July 23, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Txtingmrdarcy :

    How exciting. I must confess, your infatuation is adorable.

    women are annoying creatures and demand a delicate balance of attention and suspense.:)

    Also, that is an AMAZING summary and should be in some sort of manual or guide.

    • July 26, 2010 at 4:40 pm

      I may have to give some thought to that… Although I’m afraid I’m far too easy to please to be a trustworthy example.

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