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Girls are stupid.



In my head ‘boy meets girl’ situations should go like something like this:

Boy meets girl > go on fantastic date >  do great kissing > arrange another date > get married in Vegas in a Star Wars themed wedding*

What SEEMS to happen instead is this:

Boy meets girl whilst very drunk and is bewitched by sexy eyes > boy asks girl for date > girl messages a lot, is really interested and suggests date time >  go on fantastic date > do great kissing > Boy says “I’ll DEFINITELY call you”, girl says “You’d better!” > Girl goes suddenly very quiet and barely responds to contact.

So, here I am in limbo. Not the fun kind with singing and booze which results in chiropractic appointments. The kind where you can’t really do anything more and float around in a gelatinous goo of confusion and frustration until you either call it quits or get a meaningful response (although it could be the Internet Rats).


As things stand, there is still a standing offer of a lift for Stripy Dress and her friend with me and Dragonforce to Sonisphere on Thursday if they are stuck. That’s a reasonable enough catalyst for contact so I just need to sit tight and do distracting things.

…does anyone have any spare thumbs I can twiddle? I seem to have worn these ones out.

*Theme can be varied to taste.

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