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Work-date or Date-date?


I have what might be considered a date on Friday. Motorcycle girl and I are going to go for a meal to discuss things. She got back in contact and suggested a drink  and I agreed.

It’s been delayed a couple of times because of work stuff but it’s going to happen at last. I’m not actually playing it cool, I just have stuff that keeps getting in the way.

I’m still not sure if it’s a work-date or a date-date but work-dates have often ended up being date-dates after a couple of bottles of wine and I have no problem with that.

 That’s how Chuck and I got started. Although that’s probably not a good example.

Speaking of Chuck she keeps emailing me about vaguely pointless stuff. I’ve been replying but not in a saucy way. Just sort of replying. You know the thing that Eva didn’t manage to do. Ouch.

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