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Meet him for lunch, Keyboard Cat


Lunch dates are funny old things. Especially lunch dates that you drive or ride too.

This means you can’t get drunk. So no long afternoon destroying a succession of bottles of increasingly cheap wine before stumbling into a louche cocktail bar.

In a correctly executed boozy lunch you will leave the cocktail bar with a new life-long friend, if not something more. Fact.

Anyway, back to this lunch. The initial greetings were a little bit awkward, but that only lasted a moment. We’d only met briefly a few weeks ago (while Scalene caught up with his hot female chum*) but soon we were chatting away happily.

She was wearing all black with a cool retro-style motorcycle jacket. Think the lady version of something the Fonze would wear and you have it about right. Her hair was chocolate-brown with that sort of soft wave in it that I thought only happened in commercials for shampoo. 

Motorcycle girl is tall, and in amazing shape. Sort of like a English version of an Amazonian warrior princess with the swagger to match. Confidence counts for a lot.

The pub was attached to a down market chain hotel. It had been picked by her because it was close to her work. It was, well it was bland. The sort of place you eat at because you are hungry and it’s close rather than somewhere you go to because it’s special. We grabbed our non-alcoholic drinks (Boo!) and sat down. I explained the work project she could be involved in. It didn’t take long and after I’d covered what was required and what was on offer. She said she wanted to do it.

The food arrived and we chatted about things, you know stuff. With the business stuff out of the way we both relaxed a bit and I found out a bit more about her.

Motorcycle girl spends the winter teaching people to ski and the summer riding motorcycles and working for her dad. She is training to be a Yoga instructor (she made a few comments about being flexible) and is trying to break into something to connected to what I do. She revealed she is a closet nerd (five points) and told me about the time she went to a Hells Angels meet (ten points)

It was nice but there wasn’t any real buzz.

She was prettier than I remembered. Charming, interesting and animated. Everything was right, but I suspect she just wasn’t that into me.


Anyway, I’m definitely going to use her for some work stuff in a non-letchy way. She is perfect for the project and it could be big break for her. That’s good for the soul, if not for the wager.

So not a wasted lunch in the slightest.

Marriage percentage: 30%

*Scalene only seems to know pretty ladies I think it’s some sort of union rule.

** If you don’t understand the significance of this video Google ‘play them out keyboard cat’

  1. August 29, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Scalene does seem to be well connected with all the pretty girls. Yet, there just never seems to be a spark! It will happen.

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