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The wonder of whimsy


This last week has been so utterly exhausting that I was thoroughly looking forward to crashing out in front of a film on Friday night whilst Toast was on his blind date.

However, that evening I received a text from a good friend of mine  who was unexpectedly in London for the evening. Under normal circumstances it would be bad form to refuse such an offer and since I hadn’t seen him for a year or so it would have been been a social crime to stay in.

This is exactly why London is awesome.

I didn’t catch up with him until almost 10. After a few drinks he had to head off as he had an early morning drive, which is an unassailable excuse.

Feeling rather tipsy and thoroughly gleeful, this was my chance to head home to catch up on the details of Toast’s date and still have time for a decent night’s sleep.

As I walked into my favourite rock club and scanned the dancefloor for a recently acquired drinking buddy, I pondered quite how thrilling and dangerous London is. Happenstance and whimsy reign and all you need is willing and a reasonable amount of banked sleep. And a healthy amount of disposable income.

I will have to make to with 1 out of three.

The highlight of the evening was the man dressed in a homemade ‘cardboard boxes and tin foil’ robot suit.

Second highlight was getting the number of a redhead  girl with a great fringe. This took a little effort to secure as I saw her a few times before there was an appropriate opportunity to make a move so I was rather pleased when she was game for a drink. Deciding that friends, robots and girls had provided me with my fill of fun for the evening I could now skip contentedly home.

(for ‘skip’ substitute ‘take the hour-long night bus journey’)

Whilst waiting for my bus I made friends with a trio of revellers who were loudly discussing the hopeless romantic failings of their male companion. Feeling this was exactly my sort of territory (failed romance) I jumped into the conversation with the two girls to offer the sagely benefit of the years of my experience.

As they were all going the same way, we became bus chums and carried on the conversation at great length and in inappropriate detail all the way home, much to the annoyance delight of our fellow passengers.

I grabbed a number from the naughtiest of the girls, on the promise of catching up with them all on facebook, as we pulled up to my stop. Since then has been quite friendly and a bit naughty on the texts.


Lessons learned:

  • Robots are more exciting than girls. FACT.
  • Dancefloor camera-phone photography is not my strong point.
  • I need to bank more sleep for whimsical nocturnal adventures.
  • Night-busses are a legitimate and exciting way of meeting new people.

P.S. Toast neglected to mention one crucial detail of the following night when his chum RB (who knows about the blog) was visiting. I asked if she had any eligible marriage-worthy friends who she would be prepared to set us up with.

She replied “Ordinarily yes…. but, err, not right now”.

I’m not sure what kind of cads she’s taken us for.

  1. RB
    October 11, 2010 at 8:18 am

    20% cad, 20% rascal and 60% charming bounders ;-)

  2. October 11, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Well, on that basis I am prepared to accept the majority classification of ‘charming bounders’. *takes a bow*

    • October 13, 2010 at 7:27 pm

      I am also prepared to accept that.

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