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Date report – The girl from Vermont


I’ve got a few first dates semi-arranged now so I’ve been fitting them in when I have a spare moment in London.

At the weekend I had a morning free so I sorted out a date with a girl from Vermont who had contacted me on a dating website.

We had arranged to meet up in Soho, at a place I know that makes amazing coffee.  Coffee dates are good because if they go well they can evolve into lunch and if they go badly you can disappear after one cup.

First dates, especially blind ones are basically an interviews anyway. If it’s awful you need to be able to run away screaming about how you’ve suddenly turned gay or your house is on fire.

You can’t do that if you are on a ghost train or in a restaurant.

Soho can be a bit of a maze if you are hung-over so I ended up being about 30 seconds late. She was waiting outside the café when I arrived.

The girl from Vermont was medium height with short light brown hair in a tight bob. Her eyes were icy blue. She was wearing jeans, a brown coat and a light blue scarf that matched her eyes.

She did look like her photo, but I suspect the photo was taken at least a year ago, possibly longer. It’s always a bit of a warning when people on dating websites only have one photo. Everything has a camera these days so there is no real excuse.

We ordered coffee and a small selection of pastries (which were absolutely amazing) before sitting down at table outside to learn a bit about each other. Oh my word the pastries were good.

She worked for an Italian countess as a PA and had been in London for a year, before that she had been in Italy. We exchanged silly stories about jobs and anecdotes about why London is great.

She told me that Vermont is the best state in America and that I should visit. She also said that she knew the best Indian restaurant in London. I liked these bold claims but not enough for a second cup of coffee. So I paid and we said our goodbyes. I didn’t feel I needed to fake an emergency.

The date was pleasant enough but I have now resolved to only go on second dates with people who really impress me so we won’t be meeting up again. It wasn’t bad, just sort of ‘meh’.

That’s what the wager has done; it’s made me very focused when it comes to relationships.

Marriage percentage: 5%

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