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The Winky Lashes of Suggestiveness


As you may recall, I spent a fair bit of Hallowe’en  kissing. Given the hideous (visual) state of Toast and I,  I didn’t expect to do any kissing at all so I was rather surprised at the outcome of the night as it was.

I didn’t really see it working when we met up again for a date but it all ended amicably anyway. That was the legacy of Halloween done and dusted. Or so I thought *dum dum duuuum!* </suspense>

There were a few  other interesting and pretty girls out as part of the group that night, some who I lightly firted with early on in the evening. One had an amazing, if completely unwieldy,  ‘Gaga’esque costume and the other was an American girl in a rather fetching top hat but with enormous fake eyelashes. Large fake eyelashes utterly terrify me, like killer attack-butterflies, so that gives you an idea how  intriguing and attractive she was for me to get over my disability.

Actually, she appeared to be very much Toast’s type, pretty, brunette, lustrous shiny hair so, although I really fancied her myself, later in the evening I attempted to wingman for him and steer her back over to him on the dancefloor. After that I spent a lot of time kissing Elizabeth and that was pretty much me done for the evening.

So, a week or so ago Toast and I were included in a group email from the Birthday girl to everyone who was out that night. After replying I was rather surprised to receive a slightly flirty reply from ‘Gaga’ which was directed at me but  sent to all. Toast noted how flirty it was too. It even had a ‘winky face’ on the end.

Shortly after, I received another group reply directed at me from ‘Lashes’; THIS one was overly flirty AND had the winky face of suggestiveness too. Blimes!

What surprised me so much was visible. What you should remember at this point is that Elizabeth is also on this group email. I was pretty sure that she had left by that point though and had not seen the kiss-a-thon.

Although both were very interesting, pretty and eminently date-worthy, Lashes was the girl who had really struck me the the most but who I thought was totally out of my league, so I was absolutely stoked that she had made contact… but obviously played it as cool as I could manage (which is rarely particularly cool).

The conversation went like this (edited down to prevent accidental outing):

Lashes (to everyone): “I have the top hat if you find yourself in need, Biscuit. Ya never know when you may need one …
– L
(the one that looked like a floozy in fake eyelashes)”

Biscuit: “Hey you floozy! Of course I remember you with those utterly terrifying eyelashes!
Thought it best not to inflict my ramblings on the entire mailing list. I do have a top hat but I remember yours being nicer. We should definitely compare. ;)  …unless the eyelashes are a permanent fixture!

Lashes: “terrifyingly awesome eyelashes? then yes, im most certainly your gal :)
sadly, those eyelashes aren’t permanent fixtures. booo. Im working on it.
how are things for you? I’m putting something together [next week] in [London location] if you’re available – more the merrier :) it’ll even have [two boys] participating from the [Hallowe’en] crowd. [link to interesting ‘thing’]
hope you’re well, and maybe cross paths soon?
stay ghoulish,

Biscuit: Actually that looks really interesting. Quite fancy it. Are you gonna be uber busy running round organising things on the night?
And when I say terrifying eyelashes, I mean it! It’s a real irrational fear. Mind you, not one of those ridiculous fears of the dark or being buried alive,no, this is a proper sensible fear. :p

Lashes: “I forgot you had a legitimate fear of eyelashes (as rational as that sort of phobia can be). I’ll be sure to wear some [when I see you].
just kidding.
(not really) :)
do come. the uber busyness depends on how good of a turnout we get. should be a damn good time, too. and worst case, if it’s reaaaaallly bloody boring, it’s in a pub and drinks can be easily attained. win win.
hope you can make it!”

Conversation continued in this vein. I nearly blew it by making a joke about having to marry her but recovered.

I’m not sure what her M% was yet as these things so often depend on chemistry on the night but it was already high nevertheless. So, having been given a clear green light to meet up, I washed my best jumper and planned my next move.

There were going to be other boys there who I knew were also interested in her. This was the first time in a long time that I would be walking into a situation knowing I was going head to head with other men so this was possibly gonna get fighty!

*limbers up, cracks knuckles*

  1. November 28, 2010 at 10:50 am

    *cues music from Guy Ritchie film*

  2. November 28, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    *sharpens shank*
    *…or sharpens ‘wit’ at least*

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  2. December 30, 2010 at 3:31 pm
  3. February 6, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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