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Having been invited by Lashes to the work related ‘thing’ she was organising, I knew that I was about to walk into stag fight. This would be the kind of stag fight in which you have to operate within the polite rules of social engagements, but it was going to be a sizing of antlers, circling and fighting over territory regardless.

There was one chap there who had already played his hand at Hallowe’en  and had been very cosy, and Toast said kissing, with Lashes. I wasn’t sure whether the second was definitely interested but the both of them had been roped in to talk at the event and, quite frankly, she’s a gorgeous woman so I was erring on the side of caution.

I also had no idea who else might be there. Rather than feel daunted, I was actually strangely relishing the situation, which is most unlike me.

For this to go smoothly I needed a plan; a clear gauge of success. Through his new blaggy media job at the paper, Toast had a couple of freebie events coming up which I could invite her along to without it expressly being a date, but which allowed for datey overtones if the mood turned sexy *smooths eyebrows*. I planned to invite her along to one of those then chip off early (Toast said to leave early, it’s some kind of gambit to stop me looking too keen).

Interestingly, Lashes wasn’t 100% sure exactly what I looked like due to the extensive Hallowe’en costume I had been wearing, but I recognised her straight away, even from behind.

She really is quite gorgeous.

Whereas she had been wearing a corset/top hat/fake (terrifying) lashes when we first met, here she was in the epitome of sexy ‘geek chic’.This was pretty much her work attire. I wish I worked with more people who looked like that. …or maybe not, I’d probably get in trouble.

I bought her a drink and we chatted briefly , partly about swearing in other languages (my fault). She was pretty busy organising things and meeting and greeting so I left her to it. I also chatted to lots of other men (she really did know a LOT of people there who were mostly men) including the two aforementioned chaps who I was likely in competition with.

They were both rather friendly, but I definitely felt an unspoken undertone that they knew why I was there and were slightly reserved as we stood and chatted *sized up antlers*

The calibre of my main competition was extremely high. The sort of ruggedly handsome artistic type with that slight vulnerability that seems to make girls melt. He was also clearly very intelligent and both of them spoke very engagingly about their subjects. Rivalries aside, I was quite engrossed.

After the talks had finished I decided to make my move. This wouldn’t technically constitute ‘early’ as Toast had suggested but it was the earliest I could leave without obviously walking out before it had finished.

Seeing that Lashes was involved in conversation a couple of people deep I worked my way around the room saying my goodbyes to the people I’d met, trying to just spin the conversation out for the optimal strategic opening.

Seeing that she was wrapping up a chat I made my move.

It wasn’t quite as smooth as I’d practised in my head but I got it out without falling over my words or looking like a spaz. Her reply was positive, if non committal. I casually said I’d email her the details and see her at one if she fancied it., gave her a kiss on the cheek and confidently strode from the room.


Although this wasn’t strictly a date, it was certainly worth of a Marriage Percentage.

Lashes is gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, passionate about the things that interest her and obviously well liked. You can judge someone fairly well by the company they keep and this was all high calibre company.

She’s also not a classic biscuit type at all, certainly not from Toast’s observations of my type. Hovever,she was clearly in the high 30s marriage percentage. 38%. Blimes!

As I gaily skipped home I felt pretty pleased with myself. Of course, it would all depend if she joined me later in the week.

Next mission: Follow through the ‘not date’ with Lashes.   …in progress.

  1. December 1, 2010 at 4:52 am

    Just so I’m clear on this, is she attractive? *giggle*

    Sounds like a positively smashing success. The most attractive thing for a girl who has men constantly hanging, is the man who comes, drops a casual invitation, then goes. Massive sexy points. (aka XP points)

  2. December 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Whatever you do, don’t come to the states. Especially PA. It’s hunting season and a stag fight is exactly the opportunity some of these hunters are waiting for.

    On a less silly note, I loved the analogy.

  3. December 8, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Txtingmrdarcy – The analogy felt very apt at the time! It must be rutting season here or something. Maybe the cold weather is bringing out the friskiness.

    Shawn – I will add the xp to my total… *LEVEL UP*!!!!

  1. December 30, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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