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Madness is only a phone call away


Just after I’d posted about fail Monday. I had a comment on my Facebook wall.

It was from the girl that I should not have kissed. She mentioned we would be working together and we should go for drinks.

Hurrah I thought, in a slightly guarded way – I wasn’t looking for a repeat of the last time we got intoxicated together.

Then she posted a strange follow-up message about her ears burning. I asked if she had poured Vodka into her ears and she called me.

apparently ‘someone’ at work had told her that I was spreading lies about her at work. Saying that I’d told people we had snogged (Which I hadn’t apart from Mia and that was only when Mia repeatedly accused me of it – How did Mia find out?) and that I had said she was obsessed with me.

I hadn’t done either of these things. But it took about an hour of careful negotiation to persuade her of this.

When I had managed to convince her she then changed the subject to how she couldn’t find a man and that all men were bastards interspersed with repeated journalist style questions about who I fancied in the office. I avoided them as carefully as I could just repeating that Lea Michele was the person I most fancied.

It was a harrowing phone call, one I didn’t feel I deserved and afterwards I needed some gin.

I do think girls are excellent but sometimes they don’t do themselves any favours.

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