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Dating with Cher and Christina Aguilera


I wouldn’t normally  recommend a flash date as a first date. If you don’t get on it means all that preparation is wasted.

So usually the first date is a coffee or perhaps a cocktail to get the measure of the other person and then the second date can be something exciting once you’ve worked out if you like them..

However I’ve decided that I might as well use my new job to my advantage and so when FuckWittery (her choice of name not mine) set me up on another blind date I decided to take her along to a movie premier.

FW has good form with blind dates because she introduced me to the Mermaid who I  think I’d probably be seeing right now if she hadn’t shipped off to sea.

I had got hold of some tickets to the premier of Burlesque, the new Cher and Christina Aguilera film. It was a full on premier with a red carpet and the stars in attendance.

I’d only ever been to two film premiers previously but they had all been in the last seven days so I now had the ability to saunter down the red carpet rather than nervously scamper.

We agreed to meet nearby. It was freezing cold and so I stamped my feet and shivered while I waited for my blind date to appear. In the distance people were screaming as Christina Aguilera got out of a limo.

The date appeared. She was tall and slim, with shoulder length dark brown hair and a pretty face. She had that slight softness around the eyes that people who normally wear spectacles have. It was endearing.

We said brief hellos and then briskly trotted towards the red carpet. We ended up walking down it just after Christina and just before Cher so we were sort of lull between to storms of flashes.

After a brief stroll and quite a lot of ‘Is that thingy? Yes I think it is.’ We found our seats and sat in the semi-dark while eating popcorn.

Cher spent ages signing things so the film was delayed for ages which allowed for a bit of light chat to find out a bit more about each other. She was a teacher, her mother has a Harley Davidson and she lives in North London. Before we could really start having a real conversation the various stars got on stage and gave a brief chat and then the film started.

The film wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but Christina’s voice is amazing and there were a couple of good quips.

I had another bash to go to, and the date had to go to teach in the morning so we parted ways with promises of another drink when we can actually chat properly.

Marriage percentage: 15% – Just because I hardly got to know her.

Lessons learned:
Film premiers are good for impressing girls but perhaps they are better second dates rather than first dates.
Christina Aguilera totters and wobbles in a very pleasing way when she walks, like Marilyn Munro.
Having to get up early the next day really takes the chance of adventure out of a date.
FuckWittery knows lots of interesting and pretty girls.

  1. December 18, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Points to……….Fuckwittery! And Xtina Aguilera, for always being the picture of dirty hotness!

  2. December 19, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Yes, I think the person who comes out best in this is FuckWittery.

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