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Sexy times with the A-Team

I had a second date with Little Miss Naughty. Because I was STILL ill and had lost my voice the first time, and because we were both in need of a quiet night in, she offered to shout me Thai takeaway and a film  at hers. This was also a good opportunity to take advantage of the fact that her recently ex boyfriend who still lives with her was due to be away for the weekend.

In typical Biscuit form, I got distracted by playing Borderlands with Toast and turned up an hour later that I meant to, but armed with ice cream, quality wine and posh crisps.

Little Miss Naughty promptly administered me a pharmaceutical dose of lemon and manuka honey. The food arrived and we settled down to scoff and watch a cozy romantic film.

Sometime around the point that Hannibal carjacked B.A. in the iconic A-Team van to go and rescue Face we got distracted from the film by engaging in filth. After a couple of hours we thought we should have another crack at the film and made it to about 20 minutes before the end before we got distracted again and gave up and carried on the filth from earlier.

She really is very naughty in a way that I would want in a girl I would want to marry  but I realised that I don’t fancy her as much as I thought I would. Yes, this is another lesson about getting too excited in advance.

Rather appropriately I stumbled across a programme last night following women and their internet dating experiences, including one who was blogging about it, called ‘Love Virtually‘ (apologies to those of you outside the UK as I don’t think the link will work for you).

The blogger was saying that if there is one thing she has learned, it is to not get overexcited before you’ve met and had a couple of dates with someone, however she can’t still help herself! It was fascinating watching the rollercoaster of anticipation and disappointment and heartened me that at least I am not alone in this. Pretty much all the ladies said they did it. They were also VERY stalky, which is useful to know as I might start using a different email address that is not linked to my facebook account.

I am seeing Little Miss Naughty again tonight, sort of because she pretty much told me I was but also because the hijinks are so good! I think we need to have a chat sometime before she comes back here so we’re at least expecting the same thing from this.

Besides, I can’t get up to naughtyness with anyone else until the bruises subside. I don’t want a repeat of the Indy situation which shamed me so!

Marriage percentage 20%, even though she is a lot of what I am looking for, it’s not quite right. I’m Toast will just take this as further evidence of my magpie behaviour.

  1. eyebrowsofdoom
    January 9, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Clearly you do not want to get married, son. Just sayin…

  2. January 11, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Oh, quite to the contrary I know from experience that when I meet someone who I feel is the right person I’m prepared to go all in. This was the case with Cupcake and had we gone another couple of months without it all blowing up in my face I suspect I would have proposed. I was already weighing up the logistics of secretly saving for a ring.

    However if it’s not right then it’s not right so I may as well enjoy the fun times and hijinks as I am on my search.

    After all, I can’t keep living with Toast, playing Xbox and shooting NERF guns at each other forever. I’m 33 and need to capitalise on my assests to attract the my future wife whilst I still have boyish charm. ;)

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