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A date cancels on Toast and then he does something stupid


What a lovely day to not have a date, or not. I was supposed to meet up with Dawn today, well actually the original plan was Thursday but she couldn’t make that so we shifted to today.

On Friday we swapped numbers via email with a plan to meet at Broadway Market at 3pm today.

At midday I got this text.

Toast so sorry it’s last min but have to pull out of today..works going to carry on all day. Enjoy the sunshine x

I replied

Oh that’s a shame. Would you like to meet in the evening instead?

And she said: I have to go to a birthday dinner, sorry to be rubbish!

Pah. I thought, but I didn’t text it. I kept things light and floaty.

Fret not, this isn’t the weather for fretting. Just let me know when you would like that drink. Have fun at the dinner.

So it was cancelled but it could happen, maybe. Although as a rule if someone keeps cancelling on something, no matter how good their excuses it isn’t going to happen. I sort of hoped it might though so I thought I’d leave it at that and wait for her to get in contact.

I did message Biscuit and he invited me to a BBQ. I sent him a text saying

will there be hot girls there?

Or at least I tried to it was only after I sent it that I realised I had actually sent that text to Dawn.

I am Toast, and I am a complete spaz.

I sent a text saying

haahaha, tragic miss-text

but I don’t think it’s going to quite cover things up. What a prat.

I would have liked to have met her again, but it seems the fates, and my inability to check text messages before I send them, had different plans. Oh well.

If we’ve learned anything over a year of the challenge it’s that you can’t get too hung up over one person. Dust yourself off and start again.

Since I had a free afternoon I said yes to an earlier invite for this evening.

It was from someone who would count as an old flame if anything had ever actually happened. We are meeting at 7pm tonight. I’ll report on how that went and explain a bit more about her tomorrow.

So that sort of counts as a date after all.

  1. eyebrowsofdoom
    April 9, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    Oh toastie. *zips lips on faux pas & applauds commitment to soldier on*

  2. Kristin Brænne
    April 9, 2011 at 1:01 pm


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