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Girls are mad but I love them anyway


One of the things I really enjoy about dating Jen is that we’ve not fallen into any of the usual internet dating clichés. Amongst other things we’ve been on a ghost walk on an accidental valentine’s day date, licked dinosaurs, and fought off strangers at a sweaty rock gig.

A few weeks ago I quite fancied going to watch a night of boxing in which a couple of people who I knew were fighting. On a punt I asked Jen if she wanted to join me. She’d never watched boxing but was totally game. In a show of bravado she said she’d only come if we could sit at the front where we could get sprayed with blood and sweat.

As it was, we did end up pretty much ringside and having nabbed our seats, headed to the bar to fill up on booze before the punching started.

The other clientèle were amazing. There was a real mix of people there but the overwhelming theme for the women seemed to be a mixture of Cheryl ‘jigaboo‘ Cole style big hair, fake tan, leopard print and VERY short skirts or sort of ankle length playsuits. Many of the chaps looked very much the London ‘geezer’ type and there were quite a few shaved heads amongst them. Jen loved it.

The fights varied a lot. Some of the early ones were a bit rubbish to watch but as the night wore on and people put more booze into their faces the atmosphere heightened. Some fights had drawn a lot of supporters on either side so there was lots of cheering and shouting. Jen was really getting into it, so much so that I’m sure I heard her shout “KICK HIS HEAD IN!” at one point.

I was so proud.

In the second half the fights started to get a bit rubbish again so we decided to go and join Toast in town for more drinks. From boxing to a gay bar… I told you these dates were eclectic!

Talking about commitment

As the fight had been on a Friday night, we had plenty of time to lounge around in bed the following morning.After a selection of enjoyable morning activites we drifted into the subject of commitment, in a roundabout sort of may. I was talking to her about enjoying dating and taking it slow. She said that was really nice, although she’s generally got a policy that if it’s not really developed after 3 months then it’s not going anywhere.

This confused me. The conversation then went a bit like this:

B: Hold on… if you’re still dating after 3 months then it’s not going anywhere?

J: Yes

B: But you said that you have a policy of 3 months of solid dating before there’s any sort of commitment mentioned?

J: (totally unphased by the apparent mutual exclusivity of these two positions…) Yes.

B: (a little confused) So…. we have to wait 3 months before talking anything more than dating… but after three months we’ve been dating too long and it’s not going anywhere???

J: Yes.

B: So…. that means… there’s only one day, three months in, which is not too soon and not taking too long?

J: (thinks for a second)… Yes.


I then spent some time working out exactly when this day was. It turned out to be May 5th. Jen’s ‘matter of fact’ attitude and blasé approach to what seemed to be mutually exclusive stances is really rather endearing logic. It’s sort of an entertaining form of the mads!

Marriage percentage: 61% – Blood lust and a hint of eccentricity are a strangely appealing combination of characteristics in Jen which could be SO scary in other girls.

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