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Dating people in masks


I had a first date yesterday. It was with someone from OkCupid. She had contacted me first and was interesting enough that when she suggested coffee I didn’t say no. She did however only have one picture on her profile.

This is a warning sign.

Also it was a picture where she was wearing a mask. So, well I really didn’t have any idea what she actually looked like.

We met outside Benetton on Oxford Circus. I was running a little late.

She was medium hight, wearing dark jeans, a dark top with a dark jacket with white edging. I really liked the jacket. Her hair was shoulder length, a mix of light brown and blonde. She did look like her photo, well she could have been the same person as her photo if she was wearing a mask.

She wasn’t wearing a mask.

We went to the Nordic Bakery on her suggestion. It was an excellent suggestion. The coffee was good and the cinnamon buns were epic. Vast, properly spiced and delicious.

The conversation wasn’t as vast, as well spiced or as delicious. It was okay but not to the point where I needed to find out more about her. We spoke about a few things, childhood, animal psychology and the geography of Sheffield. It was like the sort of conversation you have at a wedding. A polite way of filling time.

After about an hour we parted ways. I had to go off and meet a chum. As we said goodbye I went for the classic double kiss on the cheek. It nearly went wrong, she tried to kiss me on the mouth.

It was an inelegant goodbye.

Marriage Percentage: 10% The whole thing felt like an awkward lift conversation, but with lovely buns. Seriously, go to the Nordic Bakery and try the cinnamon buns. Now.

  1. Don Alfonso
    May 9, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Danish Bakery? Did you perhaps mean the Nordic Bakery http://www.nordicbakery.com/? Being in London tomorrow and in need of a cinnamon bun, I thought I might try it but the magic of Google can’t locate anywhere called the DB.
    Alas, I have no masked women to treat to a bun, cinnamon or otherwise

  2. May 9, 2011 at 11:32 am

    Don – It was the Nordic Bakery, I’ve edited now. Do go. Also try the unbelievably expensive Blueberry juice. It’s £5.90 a bottle but rather good.

    P.S. No women, means not sharing, so a win.

  1. May 29, 2011 at 9:37 am

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