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Disney, drinks and dim sum


The next day after eating cake, the Theatre Producer and I went to the launch of a perfume. It’s a scent made by a well known film company that make children’s films and TV shows and dolls and. Look it was Disney okay?

We met on Oxford Street and then went to the launch that was in the new Disney store together. She was wearing the nail polish I had given her, it was a very distinctive light blue colour which I decided was either ‘Shark’ or ‘Battleship’.

The store wasn’t very busy, because it hasn’t officially opened yet. So we got to look at all the toys while drinking Prosecco and eating canapés. Since she was on powerful painkilling drugs the Theatre Producer wasn’t allowed to drink, which was a shame but didn’t spoil the fun.

The perfume was okay I suppose, not really my sort of thing, but the store was excellent. There was a magic mirror that showed you pictures of princesses when you waved a wand in front of it, lots of fluffy toys and a colouring in area.

We spent a lot of time in the colouring in bit. I’ve not done any colouring for years but once I had a crayon in my hand it all came back to me. Someone should organise a speed dating event where you do colouring in, it’s a wonderful ice breaker and because you are sort of distracted you tend to be a bit more honest.

Once we’d finished doing our art stuff we looked at some more things and I ended up buying some stuff because well I was drunk and I’d got a bit caught up in the magic of the evening. The Theatre Producer had quite a long chat with one of the ladies in the store about comic book characters which was very impressive. Girls with nerd skills are hot.

Later on that evening

We waltzed off into the night. The plan was to go and get some buns at the Nordic Bakery. On the way we gatecrashed an art launch party but since she couldn’t drink raiding the free bar wasn’t as tempting. It was fun gatecrashing though, it seems a confident waltz is the way to get past the lady with the clipboard.

The gallery was next to a Ping Pong and so we went for dim sum. I love dim sum.

We got a table downstairs and ordered a frankly offensive amount of food, which is what you should do with dim sum. The meal was lovely and we talked about all sorts of nonsense while giggling. It was nice.

Eventually we got the bill and headed off into the night to catch the tube. We were heading off on different lines so we said goodbye underground with a couple of kisses.

Marriage percentage: 45% (with massive reductions for being a reader) It was skills, she is amazing, fact.

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