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Lovely gin in a pub near Regent’s Park


This post is a bit late. This tends to happen when the post is hard to write or one of us gets distracted having a lovely time. This post (and the following ones) are late for both reasons.

I think I should probably start at the beginning. Remember when I met a friend of a friend who was a theatre producer? Well I think I may have slightly undersold how fun that meeting was.

It was just half an hour long, just a quick drink, but it raced by and I spent most of it giggling.

She was wearing a smashing frock, had a hat on and it was a beautiful spring day. We sat in a famously lovely pub just by Regent’s Park drinking gin and tonics. The bar was a collection of sunbeams and dark wood, because a wedding was going on nearby everyone who appeared was extremely well dressed.

It was only a brief meeting because she had to go to a wedding and I had to go to the zoo but it was enough for me to realise two important facts.

1) She was exactly my type. Intelligent, interesting, amusing and a beautiful, tall brunette.

2) I’d like to see her again, as chums. It had to be chums because she was a reader of the blog and thus forbidden.

(Cunning readers will have already worked out that the later half of two must have got a bit wavy because otherwise this post wouldn’t be here)

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