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How to steal a man’s heart with penny chews


Since I’m sort of in dating limbo I thought I’d share some more stories of my chums who have found and caught the perfect person for them.

Jessica and the Boy

This one is about Jessica and her now husband. They first met when they were children up in the North of England.

She was a few years older than him, I think she was about ten but she thought he was quite cute little boy and once gave him some money for sweets. He still remembers this.

It started a crush that hasn’t stopped since. They parted ways when they were teenagers. Both moving out of their home town and down to London via university.

Years passed and then Friends Reunited appeared (remember that?). He sought her out on it and she invited him to a party at her house.

He of course went with not one but two girls and Jessica was seeing someone too. It was a faintly prickly reunion because both of them felt a little tingle of interest.

The boy had very clear views on what to do next and pretty much the next day started pursuing her. He was rentless, charming and an absolute gentlemen at all times.

The Dating begins

She was a bit shocked really because she had only previously dated bad-boys and so didn’t know how to act with a man who was being so nice. It probably helped that he was, and is almost sickeningly good looking but doesn’t really realise it.

Jessica had some wobbles but he resolutely and calmly told her that he was going to date her and that was just how things were going to be. He once told me that sometimes you just have to tell ladies how things are going to be.

I have followed this advice twice, it has failed both times.

Also it’s worth noting that she isn’t a feminist because she says she is from the North and ‘We don’t have feminism up there because women have always been in charge’. She is not a shrinking violet in the slightest.

They started properly dating, then moved in together and got on brilliantly because he refused to be daunted by absolutely anything.

In the evenings he would come into the office and bring her food. She often had to work really, really late and so he would bring in romantic meals for her so they could still get to spend quality time together in snatched moments.

There were candles involved on more than one occasion.

This continued for months during a project when Jessica would rarely leave the office before midnight. He would appear, make her some food and then quietly work on something else. Or help her with her work.

It was only after they left that everyone realised quite how much work he had done for her. He had his own job with pressure and things, a proper serious grown-up job too.

Eventually they got engaged, had a lovely wedding and are now living together in a different country. She had to move their for work and so he went with her. They are stupidly happy and the both realise what catches they both have.

So there you go. Sometimes it really pays off to give sweets to small, interesting looking boys who are a few years younger than you.

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  1. June 8, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Desperately trying to figure out if I’ve given candy to any kids over the years.. and whether or not its creepy for me to continue handing out candy to younger gentlemen.

    • June 9, 2011 at 8:53 am

      Everyone likes candy. So it’s fine.

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