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A day at the Polo


Even when pining, life goes on. June is a smashing month, and it just wouldn’t do to spend the whole time inside listening to The Cure. I’m still doing a bit of that, I just not spending the entire time doing it.

I was given a couple of VIP passes for the Polo. I’m not really into watching sport, but I’d found out some chums were going and they assured me that it was mostly about drinking. I am quite into drinking.

I thought quite carefully about the sort of chum that would be fun at the Polo who would be fun but wouldn’t read too much into my invite.

After a bit of hunting around I invited Rebecca. We had stayed in touch since our slightly disorganised date (in a chummy way, not in a flirty way) I asked if she wanted to join me at the Polo and she said yes.

My first Polo match

It was an extremely hot day, ideal for shorts but I had been invited to a pre-polo lunch which required the wearing of trousers. This was a bit annoying but I thought I’d brave a linen suit.

It was very hot. Thanks to work on the tube line I ended up having to get a bus most of the way there. The bus was very slow, so slow that I missed my free lunch in a posh club. I know, some times life on the streets can be brutal, but it doesn’t help anyone to shy away from the tough stuff.

My chums were already there and drinking away. I joined them and we steadily worked our way through a lot of Pimms and some pink cocktail thing with gin in it. It was amazingly hot so putting cold drinks in our mouths seemed like an excellent idea.

No-one thought to order any water.

We ordered some more drinks, it seemed like the only way we could possibly stay cool under the intense heat of the sun. We got quite drunk.

My date arrives

Some time later Rebecca appeared. I joined her at the gate and handed over her pass. She was wearing a gold dress with massive gold heels. She looked very much the part.

We went straight to the VIP area because it would have free drinks and possibly even some food. The Polo was rammed at this point with a plethora of boozy rahs, but when we walked past the overweight security guard we entered a world of calm.

People using soft polite voices ushered us to our area. It was a giant tent with sofas, a selection of sandwiches, a lot of booze and lots of helpful people wearing aprons. Outside there was an outdoor area that was right on the polo arena (ring? pitch?) with lovely wooden chairs and sunshades.

We had a glass of champagne (not free) and then ate lots of tiny sandwiches (free) and cakes (free) before getting stuck into some white wine (free). It was lovely. The horses had lots of fights over the ball right next to us which was exciting and the bit where you have to invade the pitch to stamp all the holes in with your feet was excellent fun. I’ve never invaded a pitch before but I’d definitely recommend it to friends.

We became chums with lots of people in our section, learning all about the game and which side were supposed to be cheering on. Sadly the Polo ended and we were ushered out onto the streets.

Later on that Evening

Rebecca went off to meet up with some friends and I crossed London to meet up with set of my chums who were celebrating a birthday. I arrived, had to eat a steak, drank some wine and then moved to a pub for some cider.

Biscuit and Jen appeared and we all drank lots of booze while talking nonsense. I was exhausted by this point so we shared a cab home. It had been a good day.

Rebecca Marriage percentage: 20% She is lovely, but my mind is somewhere else.

Rebecca is fun, and interesting but she is in the friend zone now, part of this might be due to the fact that I spent the whole day exchanging text messages with the Theatre Producer. I’m such a bloody sap it’s sickening.


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