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If in doubt, meet the girl at the airport


I arrived at the airport early, just early enough. The flight was a little delayed so I had time to position myself in arrivals ready for the return of the Theatre Producer.

Whoever designed Terminal 5 needs a bit of a slap. There were two doors for arrivals to come out of so it was entirely possible that the Theatre Producer could have walked by me without either of us spotting each other.

Luckily I had a plan. I would send some clues so she would know I was there.  Here are the text messages that were exchanged.

Theatre Producer: Guess who’s back in the UK. Some other dudes and me! Boom.

Toast: Lovely weather we are having eh? I appear to have had another attack of the stupids. I missed my tube stop on the way into work.

TP: Slick work on the tube stop BTW.

T: Oh. Yeah. I’m actually a bit lost. I got out of the tube and I can work out where I am. Can you help me?

TP: Describe what you can see.

T: Lots of people with suitcases.


T: What?

TP: No Fucking Way.

T: Why are you all sweary? It’s very touching how concerned you are that I am lost but I’m not sure quite that much swearing is needed.

TP: I’m afeared for you to be so very lost amongst suitcases. Believe me, I am amidst them too and it’s dangerous.

T: Well I’m just going to hang around here for a bit and see if I bump into anyone I know. That seems the most logical thing to do.

TP: Good plan. I might get off this plane now, hurry through passport and baggage and see if I can’t find someone to escort me into London. Dangerous suitcases, you see

T: V Wise. Let me know how you get on.

TP: Will do.

She appeared a short while later. Even with the sign I’d made she didn’t spot me instantly. The meeting was dramatic and worthy of some stirring music. Someone even tutted at us for kissing.

She liked the flowers, and the goodie bag and is looking forward to our first proper date tonight. So am I.

(Previously at the Airport)

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