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Meet the family: The brother


The Theatre Producer has met my brother. It’s a far less frightening prospect than meeting my sister.

My brother is a good egg and is terribly easy going so it wasn’t really anything to fear. I’m only really mentioning it for sibling completeness.

The first meeting was a bit slapdash, instead of arranging some fancy event I was at home being ill so I got to sniffle and cough on the stairs while The Theatre Producer first met my brother.

They got on brilliantly. He isn’t a very hard sell, if you are old enough to buy him booze (he is sub-18) and will talk about computer games he is onboard.

A few days later when we were alone he said ‘I like the Theatre Producer, she doesn’t appear to be mental like the other ones’

So there you go, a pass.

Marriage percentage: 63%


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