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Don’t mention the war!


The day after taking Jen and her chum to my favourite night out, we had  her friend’s birthday party to go to. Faced with 9 hours of people I didn’t know I went prepared with my usual social crutch to make friends: balloons.

Thankfully Jen’s chirpy Irish friend from the rock club the night before was there with his boyfriend who was German and lovely. Jen was awesome at introducing me to to everyone. After doing the rounds I settled with the person that I seemed to be most on a level with: the small child who wanted ALL the balloons.

I taught her all about static electricity by sticking all her balloon swords to the celiing where every one was safe from their squishy jabbing.

The party was mostly in one largish room with the usual inexplicable crowd also in the kitchen and an area in the garden for lounging in the sun and supping chilled summer wine.  The weather had another idea and had instead prepared a chilly and cloudy day with a brisk wind.

There was even a hookah, with strawberry tobacco jammed in  and some charcoal balanced precariously atop. They taste nice, a bit like eating an invisible strawberry made of dry, and as long as you don’t try to talk whilst exhaling you wont spend the next few seconds spluttering on the smoke.

Primal man

Jen had been great and had been cuddling up for warmth in between putting cigarettes into her face. Since there was a big game of kickball on the tellybox most of the people crammed themselves into the party room for 90 minutes of men in shorts chasing a toy round a field and left me to manage the firepit.

Suddenly I had a purpose. I was no longer at a polite suburban barbeque but was the very emboidiment of Cro-Magnon man, tending the fire for vital warmth and to roast the day’s slaughtered mammoth. Our mammoth’s may only have been marshmallows but that’s not the point.

At one point I smeared soot into warpaint stripes on my face. I can’t remember why but it was very important at the time.

I got chatting to the German boyfriend who was very intelligent, well spoken and entertainig. In fact he was so well spoken that I didn’t realise he was German. This may explain how I blundered into a conversation about the Nazis.

There really is only one topic of conversation that you should avoid with Germans and somehow I had grabbed it firmly by the scruff of the neck and dumped it into the middle of our rather pleasant dialogue.

It was at this point that I sudenly realised he was German.

In my attempts to backpedal and force an implausible segue to a friendlier non-Nazi conversation, I was making things worse and infact talking MORE about Nazis.

Thankfully only one of us was embarrassed.

After that the kickball finished and the people came back outside. There was a man with a guitar who sung songs that all the other people knew and joined in with. Not long after this I, Jen, her chum from the rock club and his boyfriend all left for the train.

Hairy Irishment are surprisingly insightful

On that journey back there was a telling conversation. There was some talk of exes and Jen’s chum asked me how long it had been since I had been with my last girlfriend. I told him it was almost two years and he said “wow, she must have really hurt you”.

This caught me off guard a little but he was right. I was just very surprised that he drew that conclusion so quickly.

After the seriousness there were more japes involving secret text messages and high fives. It was a saisfactory end to a day that had been very low key due to all the drinking the night before.  Jen’s two chums from the train are like little teddy bears of fun and I really looked forward to seeing them again.

It’s important to get on well with at least some of your girlfriend’s friends because  you’re likely to be spending a lot of time putting booze in your face with them.

Marriage percentage: 68%

  1. August 25, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Oh yes, because conversations about Nazis with those of the non-German persuasion are always great birthday party fodder. *snicker*

  1. July 27, 2011 at 11:57 pm

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