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Meet the Parents


I’m going to meet The Theatre Producer’s parents this weekend, well basically her whole family. It’s her nephews 2nd birthday party and I have been invited.

This raises the tricky subject of what to wear. I’ve already been told not to dress ‘Too Chelsea’ so I’ve been thinking hard about what would be appropriate. It’s a tough gig to style.

Entirely logically, I thought ‘If I was 2 years old what sort of thing would I like my guests to wear?’

Which is why I chose the outfit pictured, it’s exactly what I’d like people to be wearing if it was my 2nd birthday. Fact.

Sadly it has been vetoed by TP on grounds of ‘first impressions’, apparently turning up as a crocodile/dinosaur might give her mum and dad the wrong idea about me.

Girls are rubbish sometimes.

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