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Introducing girlfriends to mothers through the medium of banana bread


The time had finally come for my actual proper girlfriend (The Theatre Producer) to meet my mum.

This was quite a big deal, because you know, mums and stuff. I’ve only got one parent left after the big C took away my dad so my mum represents 100% parent block vote.

Mum was in London meeting the parents of my sister’s fiancé. Yes, that’s happening, anyway after meeting them she had a free day on Sunday so I invited her around for banana bread and coffee.

The preparations begin!

I had to clean the house. The place Biscuit and I share would be described as ‘boy clean’ at the best of times so it required a big clean.

I had spent most of Saturday polishing things, scrubbing other things and swearing about how I couldn’t find any more sponges. On Sunday morning there was a second bout of cleaning followed by some banana bread making and then more cleaning.

Biscuit set the front path on fire.

He was doing some make-up work for a film and so had a load of alcohol left over from cleaning stuff. He decided the best way of  dealing with this was to pour it on the path to the house and burn it. This gave our garden a spicy aroma of booze and fire as well as putting a weird pink stain on the path. The important thing is he contributed right?

The meeting

Anyway, my mum met The Theatre Producer and they got on fine. My mum isn’t scary or anything like that and so it was a nice meeting. I made some sandwiches and we ate them as well as eating a lot of banana bread. I made a sandwich for my mum, but wasn’t sure of the rules for the rest of the sandwich making. Should I make one for my house mate too when guest are around?

After a few hours it was time for mum to get the train home so I walked her to the station and she told me she liked TP very much. It was as successful visit.

Here is the Banana Bread recipe, although really it should be called Rum Bread.

  1. December 3, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Sounds like a successful visit.. I absolutely hate meeting the parents. Mum’s especially. Hollywood has a lot to answer for, they’ve turned the other half’s Mums into mythical monsters!

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