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1 year ‘arrangeadateaversary’


Jen has just informed me that it is one year ago today we had arranged our first date and were just riding out the time before we could actually meet, as it would be several weeks of waiting.

The interim time can feel a bit like meeting an old friend in the supermarket, having a big catchup then saying goodbye, only to keep awkwardly bumping into them the rest of the time and sheepishly smiling. In dating you can only do so much preamble before you need to meet or you learn so much that you have no starter conversation for the first date.

To kill this awkward phase,she decided that it was best if we were friends on Facebook first. Normally I would have sheid away from this but I liked her ballsy attitude so much that I acquiesced. Obviously this was a ploy on her part to do some prime stalking before we met. Something she’s very good at, as I’ve learned since when she discovered this wager before I told her about it.

In retrospect it’s probably very good that she is a skilled stalker as it saved the peril of breaking difficult news to her when it came to outing myself.

I have to say that I’m really pleased that she’s good at reminding me of important relationship dates as I am so bad at remembering. It’s a bit like having a sexy diary, albeit one who is really good at amateur detective work. Maybe I should buy her a deerstalker and a pipe, that’s a classic look for ladies, right?

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  1. MrsD
    January 18, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Jen sounds utterly excellent and I am very pleased things are going so swimmingly but if I could offer one piece of advice; girls do not enjoy always being the keepers of the special dates so make sure you note the big ones down for commemoration purposes.

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