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The story of the dressmaker – part 2


(read the previous part of the story here)

So we’d been spotted by the work person and the day lost it’s sparkle. This chap was a bit of a gossip, who had previously asked The Dress Maker out on a date and had been turned down. The look on his face at discovering us together was absolute delight.

I was hungover, she had to go and have her hair done and so we parted ways after coming up with a reasonable excuse as to why we had met for coffee. Like proper spies.

We met up more, a lot more, most nights in fact. We’d have a meal, try to come back to mine and I’d send her away because she had a boyfriend and she’d appear at my door at 1am with a bottle of champagne and try to seduce me.


I was at a pretty stressful job at the time and it would take me a while to wind down after a day at the office. This made DM rather stressed because I wouldn’t be always ready to talk about stuff for a bit. In hindsight it should have been a warning sign. The troubles had begun.

There was some good stuff though. We met up in London and had a lovely weekend of shopping and spending far too much on food, or another time we booked into a hotel for a night just because, well because it was going to be our first naughty time.

I’d refused to do anything even slightly risqué while she had a boyfriend. When he was out of the picture we booked a room in a lovely boutique hotel in a nearby town.

The trip to the hotel was only slightly less sexy than it should have been because I had to file some copy urgently (Editors have a six-sense for when you don’t want to be disturbed) so she was striding around the room in just a towel while I was frowning at a laptop and cursing about the Wifi speed.

We went to lots of restaurants, a few so many times that the owners started to recognise us and offer us special deals. That was pretty cool.

Arguments, all the time, any excuse

We had some to-do, about something silly, and so there was a quiet time. You know when both wants the other to break the silence first. That seemed to happen a lot, we see-sawed between off and on again.

She broke it first because she had got some tickets to see Shakespeare and invited me along. I went. It was spectacularly awkward. Afterwards she invited me in and we ended up talking for hours.

Not fun ‘oh my god I love Thundercats too’ but trying to empathise with each other’s position. I’d talk her around after hours of discussion and then something, always something small would fire her off again and I’d be back in the dog house again.

Looking back at it now I’m amazed at how hard I worked at it all but at the time it seemed very important. (See previous entries where I mention I’m a berk).

One Month apart

Things were patched up and we started seeing each other again, so I didn’t get much sleep (But not in a sexy way, she just liked staying up really, really late and talking about Princess Diana).

I had to go to America on an assignment, so I’d be away for a few weeks. She was going away on holiday so we wouldn’t see each other for a month in total.

The night before she left I went home instead of seeing her, saying I was exhausted. I was, it was dangerous for me to be driving I was that tired. She tried to talk me around but I wouldn’t budge. I was so very tired.

At home I fell asleep in minutes and didn’t wake up until the next day mega early. I had some text messages from her, so called her. She didn’t answer.

Then she sent me a text message to say it was too late and she was at the airport. So we had parted on bad terms. A week or so later, when I was at the airport I called her and we spoke for a little while about her holiday and things. It seemed amicable, almost good. It gave me hope.

We sent each other text messages and emails the whole time I was on assignment. I was travelling around a lot for a story but everywhere I stopped I got her a little present, something silly and thoughtful. I couldn’t wait to see her again, so much that at 3am on the penultimate day I tried moving my flights forward a day. Obviously the next day I realised it wouldn’t work and so had to pay to move them back again. It was a very expensive phone call.

I returned from my trip half-mad with jet lag and we met up for coffee. It was weird and awkward, but she liked the gifts. She’d relax for a moment and then be angry with herself and by extension me for thinking things could work out.

We ended up back at my flat, and then yes, you guessed it suddenly she got angry about something and stormed out. While storming she mentioned that she’d been on a few dates while I’d been away and snogged someone but that was my fault.

Little did I know this was only the beginning of the trouble.

To be continued…

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