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The story of the dressmaker – part 3


(read part 1 and part 2 of this previous dating misadventure)

After she’d revealed that she’d been on dates while I’d been away and it was my fault we entered a weird state of limbo. Well not quite limbo, I wanted to get back together with her but she didn’t want to get back together with me.

I asked her for another chance, actually, let’s be honest here. I begged her.

I even said that  what ever she thought, I wasn’t going to give up on us. I got quite a telling off for that.

Anyway we decided to have two weeks no contact and then meet up for a drink, to talk. (My suggestion).

We lasted a week and then met up in a hotel near work. She did want to get back together with me but was so angry she couldn’t do it. I couldn’t really understand the great evil I had committed but it was too late. She cried a little bit. I drank orange juice.

She also told me off for not sending her flowers during our no-contact period. Apparently I should have realised that ‘no contact to clear our heads’ doesn’t mean don’t send flowers.

We kept meeting up and the format would be the same. We’d chat awkwardly, occasionally making private jokes and then she’d almost suddenly decide that it wasn’t going to work and it would be over.

Change of play

It was at around this time my balls must have grown back or something because somewhere between meeting up for coffee. I suddenly realised she was a bit of a nightmare and began to pity her a bit.

A month or so passed and she suggested we meet-up for coffee. It was the festive season and I was feeling pretty planted. By planted I mean that I have completely an utterly moved on and I couldn’t give a damn what happens to her either way.

Given that I thought it was a pretty low risk activity to meet up for a cofee. I was right and wrong.

The coffee ended up being a drink because it was late. It wasn’t awkward, it was okay, or at least it started that way. We caught up in a slightly stilted way, polite as always. There was quite a lot of needless touching going on by her, far too much. Do you really need to sit on someones lap to show them a magazine?

Then she invited herself back for port and cheese. Again more touching, by her, not by me.

I’d picked up the hint that she had intentions on me, but I was having absolutely none of it.

Eventually it was time for her to leave and she was slightly taken aback when she asked if I wanted her to stay. I said it was up to her, and that I would make up the spare bed. She was shocked.

She was amazed that I didn’t want to sleep with her. The shock lasted a while, then after a short Alan Bennett style bit of dialogue she stormed off into the night.

She was genuinely amazed that I didn’t want to do anything naughty with her, or go out with her again. I suppose pretty girls don’t get that very much.

Anyway, I think the whole affair the The Dress Maker was finally over. It had its moments but it was for the best.

Lessons learned

1 – Just because a girl is pretty it doesn’t mean she is a good person.

2 – If going out with someone involves loads of stress, something is wrong.

3 – Anyone who gets FURIOUSLY angry at you if you point is a bit mad.

4 – ‘A drink after work’ is never just a drink after work.

5 – It was time to move on, not just from her but down to London.

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