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A starter ring, that means something but isn’t the main ring (also WE ARE GO!)


Well we’re off to Paris tomorrow. I still didn’t have a ring, but it felt like a waste of a trip to a stupidly nice hotel in Paris (accommodation upgraded by an unexpected tax rebate) to not propose then.

So I contacted the art dealer for other suggestions and we concocted the plan of a ‘place holder ring’.

This is a ring that you buy so there is something to put on the finger when the question is popped and then you can have the ‘delight’ of picking the actual engagement ring together.

This has pros and cons


  • Since it’s only a stand-in ring you don’t have to fret about it as much.
  • It doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive (in theory)
  • It means I can ask the question this weekend


  • I’m not buying one ring, I’m buying two now. Diamonds are not cheap.
  • It means during the proposal I have to explain what this ring is about ‘It’s a stand-in’ isn’t very romantic. I need to come up with a better name.

So with this in mind I tramped across town (again) to near the diamond district to look at rings. This time with someone else who the art dealer said would be more in the price range of people who don’t own countries or haven’t invented Facebook.

The invitation only studio was super cool. It had a swing in it (yeah an actual swing) and leather backed chairs and cool art. I would have liked to have hung around for a bit longer but I was a man with a mission. Actually would have liked to live there.

Hot ring chat

I sat down and talked about the pre-ring ring to the lady. She completely understood it and apparently it’s actually quite common these days. It’s nice to know there are other chaps out there fretting over if they have the right sort of gem/setting/metal.

We looked at the sort of rings my chum recommended and there was one that I could just about afford (Who needs food really) so I got that.

It’s very pretty in silver with a small diamond in it. Not too shabby really. It came with a pouch but luckily the sales lady had one of those black boxes that rings go in (just a slightly over large one) so now I’m set. You can’t propose from a pouch, you’ve got to have a box. Everyone knows that.

We get the train to Paris super early in the morning tomorrow. I’ve got the ring. I’m set.

I just need to work out what I’m going to say.

Marriage percentage: 100%

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